To Register Your Sheep for Shearing


In the Hall


We ask that people who wish to have their sheep sheared at the Denmark Sheepfest register their sheep before bringing them that day so that we may let the shearer know how many sheep to expect.

This can be done by email or phone. Tell us how many sheep you plan to bring and give us a way to contact you.

Shearing goes on all day as long as we have sheep to be sheared. Knowing how many sheep to expect allows us to pace the shearing so that visitors to the event can enjoy the experience. Animals other than sheep have been sheared at the Sheepfest. These include Angora goats and llamas.

Cost per sheep is $12.00. This includes shearing, hoof clipping, skirting, weighing and bagging of the fleece.

Each owner must check in at the registration desk and fill out a tag for each animal. You will be given a number and must be ready when your number is called. Please be there to help handle your animals.  They know you best and are most used to your voice and person.

Call 207-452-2687 or email:

Go to Skirting to see what happens to the fleece after it is sheared.

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